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About Us


A completely new an innovative way of service is what we have available for you. We focused on giving your customers the knowledge and the expertise acquired over the last 10 years, and our mission is to turn the customer-agent relationship into more revenue for your business.


Smart Contact Hub is dedicated first and foremost to providing the highest quality of customer support services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients while achieving a profitable and secure return to our investors. This will be accomplished by continuous communication and transparency between management, employees, customers, and community, and by ongoing improvement of processes, systems and technology.

Meet Our Team


Rachael O'Brien

Account Manager

I like to hear our clients and help them speak through our employees directly to their customers, so we can always exceed all expectations.



Alex Pineda

Managing Partner

I'm glad to be part of this great team as I truly believe that everyone in this company is committed to delivering outstanding results.


Ryan Garneau

Project Manager

People say I enjoy keeping stuff organize and ensure that all processes work properly at every single level and I agreed with them 100%


Rebecca Taylor

Quality Manager

Making sure processes and procedures are handled accordingly has been my main task which I enjoy doing every single day as I'm into delivering awesome customer service quality.


Martha Ramirez

HR Manager

My main purpose is to find the right staff based on our client's requirements, thus we can guarantee always amazing results. 


Andre Sanz

Team Leader

I'm the kind of guy that will keep everybody on the same page and I'm crazy about driving good numbers so a campaign can be successful. 

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