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Outbound Calls

Increase your revenue by letting professionals deal with your prospects!


Key Highlights


  • Train us just once and we carry out a consistent campaign globally

  • Launch multilingual inbound & outbound campaign

  • Feed warm leads directly into your sales pipeline

  • 24×7 contact center ensuring no leads are missed

  • Proven track record of boosting leads pipeline

  • Local Toll-free & regular phone numbers available for any country

  • We provide feedback summary to help you fine-tune your offering

  • Your best salespeople can focus on closing the deals



Outsource Appointment Setting Call Centers


Meeting a qualified prospect is one of the best opportunities to close the deal. By getting our tele callers to do the groundwork for securing appointments with qualified decision makers, you are using your sales team’s time in the best place possible, in talking to prospective customers. 


We know that in a consultative sales process, the deals are seldom closed on the first call or with the first person you talk to at the prospect’s office. Hence our appointment setters have honed their skills in opening doors for you, so you work smart and not just work hard. Appointment setting call center services give much better results by outsourcing the appointment setting call centers services task to us.




Outbound Services

When it comes to handling outbound calls we adjust ourselves to any possible request that are clients might have. The following are some of the outbound services that we can help you with:



  • Appointment Setting

  • Data Verification

  • Collection Reminders

  • Market Research and Survey

  • Medical Reminders

  • Telemarketing





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