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Inbound Calls

Customer Service

Making sure that your customer's inquiries are addressed accordingly is the key aspect to maintain a long-term relationship between clients and customers and that is by servicing the customers before, after and during the purchase to satisfy their needs through interaction. Our call center agents handle everything from complaints to malfunction of products to taking immediate action to resolve customer’s issue. It also plays a significant role in bringing back customers.



Help Desk & Technical Troubleshooting


This is a very crucial part of call centers that not only provide technical answers but also evaluate problems regarding computer problems and IT related products such as pre and post-sale technical support, on-site tech support, network technical support, application, desktop and warranty support, maintenance services among others. Providing an excellent help desk service is pivotal to keeping a loyal customer base.




Inbound Sales

We understand that recently they are becoming more profitable than their traditional outbound counterparts as its focus is mainly based on becoming found by desired customers. It's basically referred to services where the customer enquiring the organization for a product or service is further prompted into buying it or at the very least, added to the database for future sales.



Order Taking

This service has become a huge part of the inbound call center services as they have too many advantages and the most important is increasing the sales of the product. The offshore order taking service includes taking the order and shipping information. This makes the process a lot much easier and therefore increases the sales and profits the business.





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